Why did you become writers?
What personal things do you bring to the novels? In what ways are you like your characters?
How do you collaborate?
How did you get the name Perri O'Shaughnessy?
Please list the books in order.
Are there movies in the works? TV series?
How do you pronounce Nina's name?
Can I get an autograph or a signed copy of your latest book?
Can I send you a book to sign?
Where can I find your out of print and older first editions?
Can I get a photograph or signed photograph?
Is it true, the information about casino rigging and the wire trick, in Writ of Execution?
Are your short stories available?
You make mistakes. What about having Red at first base in Writ of Execution, and the Glock having a safety, and the weapon being found 200 feet away from the body in Motion to Suppress, to say nothing of the strange mix-up about Christian Science in that novel, and then the awful errors on the Beechcraft 18 in Move to Strike, and how about those dumb timezone goofs with Hawaii...?
Are your characters based on real people?
How can I buy your books if I live in Timbuktu?
Who influenced you?
What other authors inspired you?
Where do you do most of your writing?
What is your daily writing schedule?
What has been the high point of your careers so far?
Have you won any writing awards?
What will happen with Nina's love life? Will she stay with Paul?