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Motion to Suppress, 1995

Motion to Suppress

Invasion of Privacy, 1996

Invasion of Privacy

Obstruction of Justice, 1997

Obstruction of Justice

Breach of Promise, 1998

Breach of Promise

Acts of Malice, 1999

Acts of Malice

Move to Strike, 2000

Move to Strike

Writ of Execution, 2001

Writ of Execution

Unfit to Practice, 2002

Unfit to Practice

Presumption of Death, 2003

Presumption of Death

Unlucky in Law, 2004

Unlucky in Law

Case of Lies, 2005

Unlucky in Law

Sinister Shorts, 2006

Unlucky in Law

Keeper of the Keys, 2006

Keeper of the Keys

Show No Fear, 2008

Show No Fear