NEWS FOR  2014

Featured new publication: March/April 2014 edition of EQMM: our newest short story, Glory of the Worms and Snakes. 

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine also recently published a new anthology, The Crooked Road Volume 2, which includes one of our short stories, "The Furnace Man,"  that was previously published in our collection, Sinister Shorts.  If you're interested in reading what some of your other favorite suspense/mystery authors are writing, go here to Amazon.

We are getting many questions about what's up with Nina--wish we knew.  We are busy working on another collection of short stories, so Nina's on hold for the moment, having fun with Paul, kissing up to Sandy, struggling with a wayward Bob.  We promise to let you know when next she rears up and demands attention as soon as we can.

Now available.


Some reviews of Dreams of the Dead:

Mystery Scene Magazine, July 2011

“The two sisters writing as Perri O’Shaughnessy handle the fine details of high finance and legal procedure adroitly, without sacrificing suspense…[Dreams of the Dead] has more twists and turns than a Sierra Nevada trail and will keep you guessing up until the end which comes at you so fast and furious, it might merit the warning: steep incline ahead.”

Romantic Times, July 2011
“One of the best in the Nina Reilly series, this is an action-packed suspense story that gets better with every twist and turn…”

Publishers Weekly, May 30, 2011
“O’Shaughnessy’s suspenseful 13th Nina Reilly novel [Dreams of the Dead]…is a solid page-turner that packs more than one surprise.”


Show No Fear made #21 on the New York Times list.  Happy news, indeed!

If you are just starting the NIna Reilly suspense series, please begin your reading with Show No Fear, now available in paperback, and widely available. (Spotted at Safeway grocery stores and the airport in San Diego recently.) It's a prequel to the Nina Reilly series, and a great place to begin with a saga that is so much fun, and has made Perri's brain and heart work so hard. Our publisher at Pocket Books, Louise Burke, has just said they will be shipping 350.000 copies as a first printing.  Please get out there to buy a copy. Let them know you enjoy reading these books as much as we love writing them.

What critics say about this novel:

"The jury is in and the verdict is unanimous -- Show No Fear is the hottest legal thriller of the year.  Perri O'Shaughnessy is masterful."  New York Times bestselling author, Brad Thor.  Check Brad Thor's  wonderful website.

"...she knows how to spin a diverting tale as proven by more than a dozen best-selling crime novels....her loyal fans will greet her latest with enthusiasm.  San Diego Union Tribune 12/21/08

"Set in 1990, O'Shaughnessy's intriguing 12th legal thriller to feature crusading lawyer Nina Reilly (after Case of Lies) takes a look at Nina's early career. . . the pseudonymous O'Shaughnessy (Pamela and Mary O'Shaughnessy) offers some surprising twists...Nina's first brush with future love, detective Paul van Wagoner, adds spice."  Publisher's Weekly

* * * * "This prequel takes readers back in time to Nina Reilly's law school days.  Being able to see where many of the characters got their passion and motivation...makes the whole series more interesting.  It also offers a starting place for new readers, who will surely be sucked into this intriguing thriller with wonderful character's fun to see how far all the characters have come in the course of this series. Romantic Times Book Club.

Meantime, Pam has published an anthology of twenty-first century poets, Burning Gorgeous.

Many of the seven featured poets have read their poems from this book here.

Links to some of Pam's other poetry work are available on her personal  blog or another one here.