A mix of slick and seamy, South Lake Tahoe is the perfect setting for adventurers, criminals–even lawyers.  In addition to coping with her sometimes creepy clients, Nina Reilly is dealing with prickly personal issues involving her sixteen year old son, Bob, his estranged father and her investigator, confidant and  lover, Paul van Wagoner.  Into her life returns an old client, the wealthy owner of a Tahoe ski resort, Philip Strong. He’s the father of Jim Strong, a sociopath who devastated many innocent lives, including Nina’s.  Two years earlier she had to defend Jim from a charge of murder. He shattered her life, then vanished.

Now in negotiations to sell his ski resort, Philip has received a letter purportedly from his fugitive son from extradition-free Brazil, demanding his share of the profits.  Philip seems convinced it is authentic.  Nina’s certain it’s a con but to prove that means exposing the secrets of someone very close to her.  Then two women are brutally murdered. Nina begins to question their links to Philip and the truth about Jim Strong’s sudden disappearance.  As Nina’s worst fears flood back, with time running out, she’s about to discover that the dreams of the dead can still destroy the living.

“A super thrilling twister…a powerful tale.” – The Mystery Gazette