After vowing to give up criminal law, South Lake Tahoe attorney Nina Reilly fears a serial murderer is on the loose.  Twelve years ago, Tamara disappeared after another nasty family brawl.  A few years later, Susana skied down a mountain, never to be seen again., Alice took a walk that ended nowhere, and Deidre left a party early never to be seen again. When a local filmmaker makes a movie about the mysterious disappearances, one girl’s parents sue, claiming an invasion of privacy. The cops suspect it is more: murder.

Nina puts up the fight of her life–to save the only man she ever loved from being convicted of murder. While she pulls his defense together, her own privacy is invaded in the most public and terrifying way. The only chance Nina has to win might involve breaking the law, and if it fails, she might lose the case, her practice, or even her life.

“{An} excellent legal thriller.”  Library Journal

“Suspenseful and complex.”  San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle