In moody, changeable Los Angeles, a sudden inexplicable vanishing unleashes a tale of love, obsession, and the secrets we keep–especially from ourselves.

In a stand-alone debut, O’Shaughnessy unveils the story of troubled architect Ray Jackson. His nightmare begins one sultry California night when his wife disappears. No phone call. No ransom note. No body.

Where is Leigh Jackson?

A woman shows up on Ray’s doorstep demanding answers. Kat’s an old friend of Leigh’s, and she wants to know where her old friend has gone. Suspected by the police and Leigh’s old friend, Ray launches a desperate hunt of his own. Using a collection of keys he hung onto since he was a little boy who moved a lot, Ray returns to his childhood houses, hoping to unlock secrets from his own past. As a past and present collide, Ray is confronted with an agonizing choice–to face his own, violence-laden past, acting to prevent another horrible act of violence, or not.
His choice leaves nothing and no one the same.

“This stand-alone thriller, O’Shaughnessy’s first full-length foray outside of the world of Nina Reilly, is breathtaking. The action is nonstop.” – Romantic Times, four and a half stars, nominated as best contemporary mystery, 2006.

“There are some slick twists, and the ending is quite a surprise; even hardcore fans will likely not tip to it…” – BookPage