Returning from her late shift as a barmaid at a casino at South Lake Tahoe, Barbie-doll double Misty Patterson strikes her violent husband in self-defense.  She admits that–but when he disappears, leaving behind a trail of blood, the question becomes–did she kill him?

She swears she can’t remember.

Enter Nina Reilly, on the run from a bad marriage, who has started up a brand new solo practice in the mountains of California.  She’s looking for some easy cases, when in Misty drifts, troubled and ambiguous.  Nina’s common sense says Misty’s lying. Plus she has no experience with homicide…

She takes the case, triggering a harrowing series of events that changes these women’s lives forever.


“A Roman candle of a novel that just may rocket O’Shaughnessy to pop-lit fame.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Witty, compelling and down-to-earth…a tasty legal thriller that leaves you hoping there will be more to savor in the future.”  – The Orlando Sentinel

“Motion to Suppress is nonstop excitement!  O’Shaughnessy combines the mystery of a masterful whodunit with edge-of-the-seat courtroom drama, and mixes in plenty of riveting psychological intrigue…top notch.”  – Jeffrey Deaver