After the death of her husband, neither Nina Reilly nor her son have been able to get a good night’s rest without nightmares.  And Nina cannot help wondering if her husband’s killer is still out there waiting and watching.  Nina would do anything for her son.  When he comes to Nina and wants her to take a case that’s sure to break her heart and open old wounds, she can’t say no.

Nikki Zack is a teenager with a chip on her shoulder and revenge in her heart.  At least that’s one side of Nikki.  The other side is that she also pays the bills, takes care of her mother (who’s more like the child in the relationship), and tries very hard to stay on the right side of the law – most of the time.  However, Nikki decides her uncle is being unfair, and she’s out to get what’s rightfully hers.  Since her uncle doesn’t agree, Nikki takes matters into her own hands and puts a plan into motion that can’t fail.  What never occurs to her is that someone else may have bigger and more final plans for her uncle.

When Nikki is arrested for her uncle’s murder, Nina comes to her aid.

Since Nina’s old flame, Paul van Wagoner, is the best private investigator around, and she knows she needs help and facts in a big hurry, she elicits his help.  As the case gets more interesting and trusts are broken, Nina realizes her own life is on the line.  Time is running out for Nina, Nikki and everyone involved.  Nina knows one truth for sure – it’s time to strike back.

“A fast-paced page-turner…plenty of plot twists and turns.” – New York Post

“Compulsively readable. O’Shaughnessy’s plots are satisfyingly convoluted, the courtroom scenes convincingly rendered, and the relationships between the characters intriguing…very possibly her best…A page turner that will keep you up at night.” – The Drood Review

 “A spellbinding read…fraught with suspense and emotion…and the ending definitely packs a wallop.” – Romantic Times