Two people have died in macabre accidents, one struck down by lightning on Tahoe’s highest mountain and one mowed down by a hit and run driver. In the middle of a controversial procedure to exhume one of the bodies, powerful businessman Quentin de Beers is murdered and his grandson, Jason, is charged with the crime. But Jason won’t talk, even to Nina, who is trying to defend him. To save her client, Nina must expose the truth about this troubled family and untangle the hidden connection that links three deaths. As the trial draws to an end, both the D. A. and Nina are forced to make a harrowing decision to protect the innocent…at the risk of letting the guilty go free.

“Nina Reilly is one of the most interesting heroines in legal thrillers today…she is in perpetual struggle against the good-old-boy mountain justice system and her own feisty nature… The climactic surprise is a nice bit of work.”  – San Jose Mercury News

“So in this third legal mystery featuring Nina Reilly, who in book No. 1 was dumped by her husband and law firm and took her son to Tahoe to start over, the idea on Page 1 is to escape that indoor torture and enjoy the magnificent scenery by climbing Mount Tallac…There, O’Shaughnessy reveals her knack for describing Tahoe…The cases are tricky, the law Nina invokes innovative.”  – San Francisco Chronicle

“A roller-coaster ride…a tale not to be missed.” – Midwest Book Review

“A captivating mystery…a beautifully plotted novel.”  – Monterey County Herald