NOTE: Show No Fear is a prequel to the first published Nina Reilly novel, Motion to Suppress.  You may think you know Nina Reilly, but here’s Nina as you’ve never seen her before.

Before opening her one-woman law practice in South Lake Tahoe, Nina lived in Carmel, California with her young son, Bob, worked as a paralegal and attended law school at night.  All’s not easy but she’s trying to get steady when a former boyfriend comes around, demanding a paternity test, threatening a court case to get custody of Bob.  Her mom’s suffering from strange health complications following acupuncture, and her brother Matt, well, he needs much more help than this struggling young woman can offer.

Then a woman falls to her death from Bixby Creek Bridge at Big Sur.  Is it an accident? A suicide? Nina’s suspicious, and launches her own painful investigation into the truth.  For the first time, she meets homicide detective Paul van Wagoner and attorney, Jack McIntyre, both men who will play an intimate role in her future.  They do what they can to help her, but relationships are tangled, loyalties are tenuous.  Nina will confront a killer alone, as she learns the shattering truth.

“Nina Reilly is one of the most interesting heroines in legal thrillers today.” — San Jose Mercury News

“The jury is in and the verdict is unanimous — Show No Fear is the hottest legal thriller of the year. Perri O’Shaughnessy is masterful.” — Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“O’Shaughnessy knows how to spin a diverting tale. … Her loyal fans will greet her latest with enthusiasm.”— San Diego Union-Tribune

“Intriguing… O’Shaughnessy offers some surprising twists.” — Publishers Weekly

“Engaging characters, intriguing plot.” — Booklist