Unlucky in Law pits tough, compassionate attorney Nina Reilly against the most unbeatable adversary of all, the law.

Enjoying a respite from work, Nina receives a call from her former boss and mentor begging her to take a hard case:  A luckless two-time felon named Stefan Wyatt has robbed a grave, making off with the long-buried bones of a Russian émigré.  Further devastating evidence found in the grave suggests that Stefan is guilty of a far more deadly crime.

A young woman is murdered, and Stefan is accused. This is his third strike–he’s facing life in prison.

When a match for Stefan’s DNA further implicates him, Nina suspects that her hapless client has been set up. Her brilliant forensic expert comes up with a startling theory about the case that could rewrite a crucial page of European history.

Does this decades-old body relate to the last czar of Russia, and the Romanov court?

“[A] potent blend of dramatic court scenes, intelligently written characters, and highly suspenseful and fascinating plot.  This is simply superb storytelling at its best.” – New Mystery Reader

“One of [Nina Reilly’s] most challenging cases yet.” – Monterey Register 

“The courtroom drama in Unlucky in Law is intensely absorbing, the forensics fascinating, the mystery unusual, and the investigation suspenseful…Don’t miss this one.” – Romance Reviews Today